Stepping Down as the Maintainer for the AMD Encoder Plugin

I’m stepping down from the maintainer position for the AMD Encoder, and am removing myself from the OBS Project team permanently.

This is my official notice that I am stepping down from the maintainer position for the AMD Encoder, as I have had several disagreements with the (only?) maintainer Jim. I would also request to be removed from the OBS Project team immediately. The integrated AMD Encoder plugin is now lacking a maintainer, and good luck to whoever picks it up again.

There are various reasons for this, but the biggest one is the repeated disagreements. In every disagreement i was not treated as an equal, but as someone who didn’t know any better and should just be an obedient underling. This way of interacting with one another is simply not acceptable, and therefore I have no further interest in working together with the OBS Project team.

Furthermore there is the lack of clarity and transparency for the OBS project. As there is no roadmap, there is no way to tell what is necessary for a new version, and decisions feel arbitrary due to that. What gets in and what doesn’t seems to be up to the preference of someone instead of being planned out from the start. And despite repeated claims to improve this, nothing has happened over the span of two years. Not only that, but several much requested features are just pushed away as niche instantly instead of actually considering them seriously and putting them in a roadmap.

Overall, the state of OBS Project does not sit well with me and I no longer wish to be associated with it. This does not mean that I will no longer develop things for OBS Studio/libobs, just that I no longer want to be associated with the OBS Project team at all. obs-StreamFX and other secret plugins I’ve developed for clients will stay around until I find another thing to work on.

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