AV1: Still The Current Future Of Video

All the way back in December 2020, I decided it was time to try out how far AV1 had progressed. At the time, SVT AV1 was the only encoder that produced reasonable results with near realtime performance, however that has changed now. A lot of work went into AOM AV1, and it is now capable of encoding in the “frames per second” realm instead of “frames per minute”. So why not take another look at things? Continue reading

A little bit of Silence

For a few weeks now I’ve taken a step back from the public eye, for various reasons. The main one is that I simply need some more time to myself, time to enjoy life a bit more than I used to. I’m barreling straight towards my 30s, and haven’t even experienced half of what I could have at this age, despite having the means to do so. So in the near, and perhaps far future, I will put a lot more focus on enjoying life. The people that follow me on Twitter know that I’ve recently picked up a new… Continue reading

New World: A Promising, But Incomplete, Action MMO RPG

“New World” is an Action RPG MMO developed by “Amazon Games Orange County”, “Relentless Studios” and “Cloud 9 Games” which is published by Amazon Games. It mixes various already existing game mechanics into one game, and added it’s own twists to it. Full Disclosure: I have gotten access to the Closed Beta for free, but am not part of their Creator Program. Neither have I been offered money or a sponsorship for writing a review about the game. Update: Fixed a number of typos that appeared. Also fixed an issue where i wrote four instead of five. Continue reading

Testing NVIDIA Maxine’s Super Resolution Beta

With the release of NVIDIA Maxine, a number of exciting new Video, Audio and AR effects were shown. I wanted to try these out much earlier, but an unexpected problem prevented me from doing so. However thanks to NVIDIAs help, I’ve managed to get some of the examples running most of the time. Please note that the effect I’m testing is still considered Beta by NVIDIA, so final quality will likely differ from what I show here. Continue reading

Mozilla, why?

I didn’t mind the addition of Pocket because I didn’t use it. I didn’t mind the addition of Hello, as I didn’t use it. I didn’t mind the removal of the original themeing ability, which was far superior to what we have now. Didn’t even really care about the removal of Flash either. What I do mind is when you ignore user feedback, push out a release, break every existing theme and make things look incredibly stupid, then continue to ignore user feedback. Your new rounded theme design is horrible to look at, and it’s not something I want to… Continue reading

FidelityFX Super Resolution: DLSS killer, or not?

It’s been a day since the reveal of FidelityFX Super Resolution, and it appears to be a DLSS killer. But on closer inspection, it seems that AMD made a mistake in at least one of the examples, and forgot to show the FSR footage, instead only showing the native footage. Let’s go into the details on AMDs FidelityFX Super Resolution a bit. Continue reading

Routine Maintenance

Site was offline for ~2 days for maintenance, as I was moving the entire infrastructure to the new Server, which is located somewhere in the frosty north, and has plenty of hardware to handle the things I throw at it. For those on IPv6, the site should already be 100% online again, while for those on IPv4-only, it may take a day or so to update. During the move/maintenance I learned a couple things: Continue reading

What’s coming in VoiceFX v0.3.0?

With what is most likely the final beta version of VoiceFX 0.3.0 being released, it’s time to talk about all the improvements and changes that VoiceFX had to go through to get here. Let’s take a look at all the new and upgraded things in it. Continue reading

AMD and the Curse of Conflicting Information

Against better judgement to just wait, back in December 2020, I ordered a AMD Ryzen 9 5950X – and received possible one of the worst chips to be on the market. In Cinebench R23, it achieved a Single Core score of ca. 1550, with a Multi Core score of ca. 24040. This by itself doesn’t look too bad, until you open Cinebench R20 and get ca. 580 in Single Core, with Multi Core just barely hitting the 9800 barrier. So I did what any person with this hardware would do, and searched for overclocking options. Continue reading